Vector Chile

The Vector Chile office opened its doors in January 2014, with 24 of the best professionals and big growth expectations. It is located in the heart of Santiago's financial sector, El Golf, and is managed by Luis Medel, country head of Vector in Chile.


Vector Chile, under the Software Products & Outsourcing division is currently developing and working on the evolution of:

- Altair Architecture: the financial core installed in Banco Santander of Latin America, which supports the bank's business computer system.

- Extended Architecture: an application integration suite that enables interconnecting applications in any technology platform with very high volumes and performance.

Besides the developments and services linked to Middleware, Vector Chile provides other business alternatives such as Outsourcing, technical assistance, and factory services.


  • Santiago de Chile

    • Teatinos 333, planta 4 Santiago Centro - Santiago de Chile
    • (+56) 227 973 100