Business Processes (BPO)

Value creating technology for the Business

BPO service model

Vector offices a multidisciplinary BPO service model comprising: technician and customer BPO support, call centers, document management and exclusive business processes (issuing policies, contract management, billing). The BPO service capabilities we offer at Vector are based on a very specialized business know-how. We offer our customers a specific tool kit and solutions for each service, which enables them to carry out their work in the most efficient and effective way possible. To obtain maximum optimization and meet the business goals, we apply regulations that limit the activities to be performed and their methodologies.

At Vector we offer our customers BPO services based on the expertise of our strategic consultants. To do so, we model operating processes and give ourselves support with ad hoc tools so that our customer can benefit from the added value that both the model and our professionals offer.

Vector's BPO services are based on the expertise of our strategic consultants who are specialized in every operating niche we offer. We base ourselves on a tailored model with the basic standards and specific tools that enable us to outsource the service and take advantage of existing installations and personnel. In this way our customer is able to put a figure on the reduced costs it achieves from our BPO services.

At Vector we also have specialized centers of expertise that make it possible to provide BPO services while taking advantage of our infrastructure and experience in similar processes.