Extended and Integrated Architecture

Integrating business applications

Extended Architecture and Integration

Vector's Extended Integration Architecture makes it possible to develop and deploy solutions adapted to different business needs with low risk and costs. EIA is a tool suite that combines the following key areas:

  1. Development cycle: Visual or CASE productivity tools for developing dissimilar interaction solutions.
  2. Execution Architecture: consists of a powerful processing and mediation engine, as well as a very complete suite of adapters and protocols covering most market integration problems.
  3. Governance tools: Tools and mechanisms for cataloguing, managing configurations, the life cycle, security and monitoring.

Extended Integration Architecture (EIA) is the implementation of business integration templates on message-oriented middleware (MOM). The EIA is a platform based on standards that include basic functions such as messaging services, web services, intelligent routing, and data transformation for connecting and coordinating the interaction of numerous extended business applications with transactional integrity.