Life cycle solutions

Software engineering outsourcing service

Software Engineering
At Vector we work to implement support applications of life cycle development software, from the need identification phase to the application start up. These solutions facilitate and automate building a software product. We design the configuration management used by software development teams to make the milestones and follow the applications throughout their life cycle, either with tailor made developments or with personalized adaptations of specific open source tools for each phase.

  • Software catalog:An advanced search engine with a very simple interface for finding relevant information for the assets that are generated throughout the software's life cycle.
  • Development quality:tools that ensure the quality of the web developments.
  • Application usability: for conducting reviews of the usability and design of an html page in a web application.
  • Documentation verification:for generating, reviewing and approving templated documents with automatic generation, content confirmation and version control.
  • Messaging system monitoring: monitors use and consumption of JMS transactions sent through MQ queues.
  • Software management system: provides a fast and repeatable process for automating, compiling, packaging, publishing and deploying applications.
  • Deployment: enables controlled and automated deployment of web development architecture in servers.
  • Adaptation and personalization: tailor made and personalized developments of existing open source applications in line with the usability, functionality, content and image needs of our customers.


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