Vector offers information-based Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions oriented towards tracking and monitoring the goals.  Our specialized know-how includes flexible development methodologies for solving real problems. We bring added value to our customers, enabling them to obtain revenue and cost benefits and helping them increase their competitiveness by optimizing response times.

Vector provides its customers relevant information for managing their activity, business know-how and an "intelligence" capable of giving the business competitive advantages over its competitors.

Information is the most important asset in business. The success of a business depends on how well it knows its customers and their needs, the quality of its internal processes and its operating efficiency. There is a large demand for tools that enable tracing and analyzing volumes of data. 

Our experienced professionals provide IT consulting with a practical focus which makes it possible to define BI strategies that meets our customers' needs. We give advice on the most appropriate database tools and systems for developing viable and durable projects.

At Vector we have broad experience managing and executing Big Data and Business Intelligence projects in today's Information Society. We guarantee businesses quality service that responds to today's needs. Our commitment nationally and internationally has gained us important customers in the sectors of :

  • Finance
  • Insurance 
  • Industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Public Administration
  • Education
  • Publishing