Document Consulting to increase business productivity

Document consulting helps business transformation by increasing business productivity and efficiency.

Vector's experts analyze the business needs with document processing consulting to determine the needs and choose the most adequate solutions.

The steps needed for the document consulting phases depends on the existing processes:

  • Document map: for conducting a comprehensive study of the company's business processes that will be used to define the project or projects for improving productivity.
  • Process improvement: many organizations have processes that can be redesigned to be made more efficient. This step deals with identifying the most critical processes and adjusting them if needed.
  • Selecting the tools:

Document managers: The advantage of implementing a document manager is that it involves an organizational transformation. This type of project must have the commitment of all the employees throughout the whole execution phase.  There are many advantages to implementing a document manager:

  • Less consultation time
  • Reduced filing costs
  • Possibility of integrating specific management subsystems (ERP, DMS, etc.)
  • Compliance with methodologies
  • Cost savings

Process automation. There are many tools in the market to help automating our business processes, from entering to sending data. Hiring a consulting service is basic for helping determine the best way to transform the process at the hands of experts in each one of the tools chosen for carrying out the data transformation and treatment processes, and to integrate it in the rest of the applications (ERPs, corporate applications, etc.).