Developing, talent, innovative technology and standardization to guarantee a quality service

Cornerstones of the development model

Vector specializes in developing and maintaining custom software. This specialization is based on a development model with three main cornerstones, namely:

Technological Specialization

In our work, specialization optimizes each of the tasks we carry out. We are specialized by technology (java, php, .net, databases), by areas (analysis, programming, testing), by projects (portals, applications, transactional applications, mobility, Internet banking) and by services (maintenance, support, deployment, migration). This specialization is reflected in the competitiveness we transmit to our customers.


Vector uses standard methodologies and common tools installed in all our offices. In particular, we have 7 years' experience applying CMMi, in developing our projects, in which all our internal processes are endorsed with ISO certifications. Our production model based on common tools enables our professionals to adapt themselves to any customer and project which, together with the local proximity of our customers, strengthens our commitment to them.

Human Talent

The human talent of our professionals is apparent in the motivation, teamwork and respect we show at all times. Professional development and stability reinforce our capacity and commitment to our relationship with our customers.

Unique Values

The main goal of Vector's strategy in the field of developing custom solutions is to accompany our customers as they develop their business. This relationship is based on 5 key aspects:

  • Quality. Our work is endorsed by the training and experience of our professionals and by our standards-based development methodology (CMMi,SCRUM), boosted by our experience and adapted to our customer's needs.
  • Competitiveness. Because of our innovation and motivation, we undertake each task from the best angle for obtaining the result that is best adapted to the moment and to our customers' future.
  • Closeness. Vector has factories near all our customers, enabling local management and knowledge of the customer.
  • Commitment. We are committed to long-term relationships with our customers.
  • Capacity. We have 750 professionals spread out internationally in 8 factories accompanying our customers.