AM services

We meet customer expectations on availability, continuity and security

Proposed Application Maintenance Service model

Vector's AM services model adapts to the customer's needs: work type, team capability and relationship model. We guarantee our availability, continuity and security. The key to a service is based on creating a profit for the customer, a value that means something different compared to its current situation. To attain this we have a service proposal based on different aspects.


We bring flexibility to the types of services and technologies we provide and the work load we take on. We adapt our team to our customers' needs.


Quality in both our methods and our deliverables. We undergo checks and tests to guarantee quality throughout the full cycle; we standardize, measure and control our services in the same way as our factory ring.


Our factory ring enables us to closely adjust costs for our customers without sacrificing quality. We offer follow the sun availability thanks to the extensive availability of our factory ring distributed throughout Europe and Latin America.


We commit ourselves to providing certain service levels as established in our Service Level Agreements (SLA). These agreements cover everything from response times to error density or deliverable quality.


We have control panels that enable us to carry out centralized monitoring of all our work and provide our customers with an up to the minute overview of the service status.

Operating Model

We propose custom service models with the following variables and values

  • Maintenance Type: Corrective (incident solution), Preventive (preventive and minor improvements) and Evolutive (significant changes and new applications).
  • Service Team: Service packages, volume prices and team pyramid.
  • Billing Model Baseline (work undertaking, dedicated and flexible team), and without a baseline (time bank and work requests).
  • Relationship Model: Intervening parties (service head, customer, manager and project team, management tools and elements (configuration, ANS, petitions,etc.)