Experts in the software factory-based production model

Software factory-based production model

Vector's sound expertise in the factory model has enabled us to perfect the classic model by maximizing efficiency and optimizing resources, response capacity and product quality. Our unique values are grouped together in the following aspects (e5).

  • Experience. 10 years as a leading factory.
  • Externalization. Geographic location, close to the customer and talent.
  • Efficiency. Efficient externalization model and factory ring.
  • Standardization. Management, quality and common tools model.
  • Team. Specialization, talent, skills and training.

Features of our software factory model

Vector has a network of software production centers and business centers distributed nationally and abroad. The local centers enable us to be close to our customers' business. Externalizing to production centers optimizes efficiency and resource specialization.

Geographic location

Currently, we have 5 software production centers in Spain, located in Pozuelo de Alarcon (Madrid), Albacete, Cordoba and Galicia. Each of these production centers specializes in different technologies, including Java, Banksphere, Cobol, .Net, Opensource and Oracle.

Vector has a strategy for expanding international software production centers, which in its current phase is opening new centers in Latin America. We have four software development factories in Peru, Brazil, Chile and Mexico, specialized in Java, Banksphere and Cobol technologies.

Efficient externalization Model

The externalization development model consists of Centers of Expertise, which house the capacity for building applications with each center's target technologies. The unique Corporate Global Development Factory model is then extended to other international production centers for covering local needs.

The approach is based on creating a local development node that provides support to the local needs of the different petitioners and is integrated into the corporate global development structure.

  •  Service to local petitioner's development needs
  •  Under global architecture, methodology and governance
  •  Project management with a definition and technical design team for building with local factory
  •  Supervised and controlled by the global center of expertise

This model for distributing jobs between factories ensures a quick response to needs, as well as global efficiency for occupying resources, which obtains high global load bearing levels, maintaining high response capability and certain high quality levels.

Factory Ring

The factories are prepared for building efficiency because of their experience in our factory model and ability to efficiently build applications when the definition is outsourced, making it possible to externalize building to centers not involved in the definition. The projects support their technological capability, response capability and flexibility in the factory ring, which enables greater specialization and optimization of resources.

  •  Helps regulate the production capacity in each factory
  •  Spreads technological capabilities among different factories
  •  Factory specialization by work types
  •  Optimizes teams for maximum occupation
  •  Know-how transfer, uniform methodology