Testing and Quality

Quality offer based on good practices

Service Catalog

Vector has defined quality policies in which the processes must be in line with models and standards that govern how to build the product with the defined quality. Our Quality Assurance Office oversees that the defined processes and their related activities are carried out as defined and that the end product is in line with the defined quality parameters.

Vector has a Validation and Verification environment in which tests at different levels are conducted: components, integration, system and acceptance. Each level has its own different types of tests: operational, non-operational, structural, change association and maintenance. 

Vector's Quality and Testing service offer comprises the following Service Catalog.

  • Quality Office - Consulting and Implantation
  • Defines and implants Verification and Validation processes and methods.
  • User experience laboratory
  • Performance testing laboratory
  • Security testing laboratory
  • Environmental virtualization farm
  • Tool implanting

Standard Methodologies and Tools

Vector uses standard methodologies and common tools installed in all our offices. Our work is endorsed by the training and experience of our professionals (ISTQB Certifications)

Our Quality Office is the same one that provides internal Quality, Validation and Verification services, taking advantage of synergies, innovations and tools for our customers. 

The local production model based on common tools makes it possible for our professionals to adapt to any customer and project, and strengthens our commitment to them.

Because of the variety of development projects that we take on, we are specialized in testing multiple technologies, devices, tools and test types.