HR and Managing Know-How

We help companies manage their people and develop and take advantage of their know-how; from personnel management and outsourcing payroll processing, to identifying, developing and spreading know-how. We make available to our customers our experience in creating know-how and defining methodologies that can be integrated into the company to strengthen its talent sharing and managing.

HR: As part of its business strategy, Vector offers Human Resource consulting services, which constantly strive for excellence through specialization. Over 80% of our consultants have more than 7 years' experience in the implementation and maintenance of new developments in the areas of people management and development.
We cover activities ranging from outsourcing processes, payroll, assessment and personnel administration, to application maintenance and new or evolutive development building on what the customer already has.

MANAGING KNOW-HOW: We are experts in the full process of managing know-how and parceling it out. We help the customer in any phase. From BPO of complex Document Management projects, rapid learning factory, transforming multiplatform training pills, to pedagogical and technical support for training processes. We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals prepared to provide answers to your needs: designers, trainers, tutors, content editors, programmers, computer technicians and web designers, documentalists, etc.