Automation: maximum streamlining of workflows and minimum failure rate

There are a large number of system administration tasks that tend to be repetitive. To reduce the amount of time that needs to be dedicated, they can be automated to facilitate management and reduce the process failure rate. These tasks are carried out by classic scripts, which are usually made by the in-house administrator team. At Vector we have an automated platform that enables integrating these solutions with other parts of the infrastructure, such as the Vmware Orchestrator solution or the integrated solution in the Microsoft System Center suite. These platforms make it possible to integrate different components that increase the scope of the infrastructure.

The main manufacturers of solutions include self-service portals that are based on the use of previously created automation workflows. For example, a user can request a virtual machine with a wizard in which its features are specified. Afterwards, an automated workflow will take charge of the tasks at the internal configuration level. In this way a management task has been completed without administrator intervention.

At Vector we have extensive experience with these types of automation solutions. The complexity of this type of integration makes it necessary to carefully describe the scope it is going to have. Therefore, at Vector we conduct prior assessments to perfectly define the implementation, as well as the phases in which the integration has to be divided.