Data backup recovery in a minimum time

Storage systems and data availability have become critical to an infrastructure, and so it is necessary to guarantee recovery as fast as possible. Backup copy systems must always work side by side with the production data and be 100% integrated in the infrastructure without decreasing productivity.

Vector offers multiple backup service options on both the ad-hoc level in the customer's infrastructure and in service mode (backup as a service), in which Vector takes charge of the data protection.

Two modes of backup service are offered: ad-hoc and as service.

  • Ad-hoc: Vector runs a healthcheck on the customer's infrastructure to improve and optimize the recovery processes. The copy processes are adapted to the platform, taking into account two factors: availability of the data in production and recovery in a time as close as possible to 0. If making a hot database copy does not affect production, the backup would be optimized by making a practically continuous copy that is subsequently externalized to the DPC at Vector Ignite.
  • Service: The customer's data is sent to one of Vector Ignite's DPCs. The data is always sent in deduplicated form, compressed and encoded with a 2048 bit RSA algorithm.

We have a centralized administration console for administrating all backups. This makes it possible for the user or administrator to perform a restoration via the Internet. Administration of the portal access control lists remains a responsibility of the customers' systems or backup department. When restoring large amounts of data we either send it to the customer by optic or magnetic means or it can be combined with the disaster recovery service.

Vector also offers an AWS type cloud storage service, in which backup copies can be made in the cloud. This system is protocol EC2 compatible