Hypervisors: ESXi,ESX, HyperV, Hyper-V

Vector handles projects from any virtualization manufacturer. We are highly specialized in VMware and Microsoft Hyper V, and are equipped with guaranteed tools and procedures for migrating from other virtual platforms. We offer virtualization services for optimizing and upgrading existing platforms, as well as for implementing new virtual systems on platforms fed by physical servers. Thanks to the virtualization, it is possible to run several operating systems on a single physical server, which simplifies the infrastructure and makes it more efficient.

At Vector we are highly specialized in virtualization projects and we use this expertise to conduct a healthcheck on the customer's infrastructure, which enables us to discover configuration faults and propose improvements based on the best techniques of manufacturers. This know-how in the field of virtualization, added to the other fields such as communications, storage and backups, guarantees optimal operating of our customer's entire virtual ecosystem.

Vector's outsourcing model is offered with 2 contract modes:

  • Ad-hoc We administrate the customer's virtual infrastructure. We take charge from Vector for executing daily tasks with ticketing tools that make requests, such as for creating virtual machines, pre-defined template deployment, snapshot configuration, etc. Our personnel is qualified and certified in the latest technologies. Vector provides a complete service that covers administrating, configuring, monitoring and supporting any virtual infrastructure.
  • Service: The virtual machines are hosted in Vector Ignite's DPCs. In this model we always respond to the highest quality levels, because the entire virtual farm we have set up includes the latest available technology for servers, storage systems, and security devices.

As far as managing the platform, it can be done either by Vector or by the customer itself with the support of an administration console, which can be used for configuring parameters, security related services, networks, storage, backup copies, etc.

This is a service that complements other services we provide at Vector, such as laaS, disaster recovery or onCloud backup.