Duplicate data storage
In the last few years, storage systems have become the nerve center of data center infrastructures. Thanks to functionalities such as deduplication or hot replicas, storage systems hold almost 100% of the business data, making them one of the most critical elements in the data center. The data criticality, size and availability demands grow exponentially in companies. At Vector we are aware of this phenomenon and thus offer a scalable outsourcing system service with SLAs that surpass our competitors.

The outsourcing model comes in 2 modalities: ad-hoc and as service.

Ad-hoc: we use the customer's platform. At Vector Ignite we take charge of the storage system administration with our highly qualified personnel who are certified in the latest technologies. Vector Ignite provides a complete service that covers administrating, configuring, monitoring and supporting any storage system, whatever the type or range.

Service: the storage systems are hosted in our DPCs. This model stands out for its "pay per use". You only pay for what you use. Companies may have different storage and protection needs that vary during the year. Our "pay per use" system avoids unnecessary hardware acquisitions that later will be left underused. With our service model it is possible to dynamically increase or reduce available space so that only the space that is really used at the moment is paid for, and once the momentary need passes, the space and cost are adjusted accordingly.

Vector Ignite's storage systems use monitoring, high availability and load balancing tools that are used to attain optimum system use with the highest information security guarantees. Furthermore, Vector Ignite's systems are replicated in order to guarantee the availability of data in the event of a disaster. We also offer an AWS type cloud storage service, with which the customer's virtual machines can be replicated in Vector Ignite's infrastructures, backup copies can be made in the cloud, etc. This system is protocol EC2 compatible.