Bring Your Own Device: better user experience and minimum risks

At Vector we are aware that BYOD is a necessity in a business environment. For that reason we have implemented this solution in our cloud. Our customers can quickly use the technology and it does not need to be deployed in their installations. Like other services, it is perfectly exportable on the customer's DPC (On Premise). To correctly develop BYOD in the company, it is necessary to test whether it meets security standards pr not and that possible risks are minimized. The goal of our solution is to attain a successful BYOD strategy by providing the best employee experience, simplifying IT and minimizing risks .

There are different solutions available for managing mobile devices.  Solutions such as MDM (Mobile Device Management) are needed to facilitate their use. If controlling business applications is a concern, it is necessary to find solutions such as MAM (Mobile Application Management), and if the focus is on content, solutions such as MCM (Mobile Content Management) can be used.