Responsibility at Vector:Committed to Social Development

Through our CSR, we actively and voluntarily contribute to social, economic and environmental causes, which are essential for moving toward a fairer and more caring world. We’re working on developing and implementing a social action plan in line with our corporate culture, in which the involvement of our employees is essential. The charitable initiatives that we promote are grouped into the following lines of action:

Social Equality

In collaboration with the Alma Technology Foundation, we support the inclusion of disabled and socially vulnerable people at the workplace through the “Training and Employment” program.

Gender-Inclusive Talent

We actively promote full equality in working conditions, regardless of gender. We encourage more women to pursue careers in technology as well as different types of engineering and computer science.


We’re actively committed to caring for the environment and the planet through sustainable projects, and we promote internal initiatives that aim to encourage various policies for minimal environmental impact.

Charitable Causes

We support causes that are vital for certain groups, promoting internal fundraising to make these projects a reality. We also do volunteer work for charities that don’t have the means to improve their IT infrastructure.

Active member of the Global Compact

We’re part of this international initiative that aims to have a positive influence on human rights, labor regulations, the environment and the fight against corruption in the business sector’s activities and strategy.