Disruptive DNA to boost the digital world through technology innovation

Vector ITC is part of Softtek.

Our expertise includes digital services, products and solutions, technological innovation and agile transformation processes.

With more than 15,000 employees, presence in 19 countries and a broad portfolio of products and solutions, Softtek helps Global 2000 organizations to evolve and transform their digital capabilities. Since December 2019, Vector ITC has been part of the Softtek family.

Founded in 2002, Vector ITC is a technology and digital group with great strength in Spain. Our mission is to generate the greatest value for our clients through the design and development of initiatives based on cutting-edge technology, to trigger their digital change in a disruptive way.

Likewise, the following are part of the company: Keyland, specialist in the implementation of technology for the industry; Ágora, experts in technological solutions for the supply chain and La Moderna, our digital creative consultancy.




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Our Corporate Pillars


As a digital company, continuous innovation is what drives our growth and progress.

We detect, analyze and research cutting-edge technology, processes, methods and tools, combining them with our knowledge in order to develop initiatives with a real impact on the market and society.

R&D&i Activities

Customer Centric Focus

Our customers are the focus of our strategy, and we develop relationships based on empathy and collaboration in order to offer personalized products and services and build lasting ties based on trust and transparency.


Our greatest asset is the technological and human potential of our professionals. Because of this, we encourage a culture of cooperation and integration, promoting a flexible and multidisciplinary environment where active leadership and continuous learning are essential.

Continuous Improvement

In the constantly evolving tech ecosystem, it’s critical to establish a culture based on continuous improvement and learning processes. Every day, we strive to reinvent our value proposal and play an active role in the digital world.


We work hard on a daily basis to be an agile, efficient and dynamic organization, seeking excellence through agility-based methods in order to be capable of adapting to the changes required by the market and maximizing the value that we provide to our clients.

Our Certifications

Clients & Partners

We actively accompany all of our clients throughout their technological and digital transformation processes.

We establish strategic alliances to share information and experience with other leaders in the technology sector, allowing us to increase our efficiency and optimize our skills.



Leading technology solutions for supply chain operations.

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We help Industry 4.0 to optimize its operations and management systems.

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