To become the Spanish company of reference in the field of making useful technology accessible in every corner of the planet.


To provide technology made with the soul to transmit confidence, security, and facilitate vital projects, with innovation as our growth driver and people the source of our inspiration. 

Investment in technology makes companies more profitable and efficient. Our services and solutions are based on quality, competitiveness, proximity, know-how and commitment, to provide our customers and professionals with maximum value for generating economic growth and well being in society.


People: Creating a good place to work, where people live the dream by growing day by day.

"I am convinced that dreams bring success and are the key to helping our customers understand that investing in technology is safe and accessible, that choosing Vector is the same as a measurable return on investment, costs and time", Carlos Delgado.

Generosity: Cooperating and moving forward together in search of a common goal: to develop technology with soul and intelligence. We achieve results by listening to people.

Integrity: To be transparent and generate feelings of absolute trust.

Customer oriented: Our customer is an essential and collaborating part from a project's start to finish, understand their needs and providing innovative answers that help them meet their goals.

Continuous innovation: Continuous innovation is our goal. We put our creativity and technological know-how to work to develop difference-making ideas and/or technologies that are original and ad hoc, and that improve business processes by making them more efficient and profitable

Dynamism: To become an efficient and dynamic organization that maximizes value for our customers and return on investment for our shareholders.

Teamwork: For strengthening collective, multidisciplinary and multicultural talent. For promoting integration, cohesion and cooperation.

Solidarity: We live in a global world and want to have an active, participative and constructive role: growth requires effort, and we actively participate in society and have the responsibility to help create a better world.

Environmental responsibility: Future generations have the right to enjoy an unpolluted planet full of health and life. For that reason Vector is committed to taking care of the environment with sustainable solutions and projects.

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