Big Data’s technological architectures for obtaining quality data

Data can be a powerful tool for companies around the world. Leveraging customer and transaction data can provide the impetus for the most successful marketing campaigns.

9 out of 10 executives do not trust the analysed data

Data is definitely priceless, today is probably the biggest asset companies can have. However, the process of obtaining value from the data collected is not a simple or inexpensive process.

80% of customer data is wasted

The business sector is currently immersed in an avalanche of data. There are multiple studies, reports, analyses and blog posts that talk about the importance of data and the need to define a business strategy based on…

Virtual reality, a new tool to understand big data

Virtual reality is changing the way video games and videos are consumed, the way social media advertising is done, how education and healthcare are accessed, and also how data is analyzed.

74% of companies expect profits from Big Data

To compete in a globally integrated economy, today's organizations need a complete understanding of markets, customers, products, regulations, competitors, suppliers, employees, and more. This understanding requires the…

81% of IoT users fear their data will be leaked

Investment in IoT has increased and resistance to adoption has decreased, according to a survey conducted by Zebra TechnologiesCorporation. However, despite this increase, fears of iot device insecurity are still…

Open Data will create more than 100,000 jobs

With the emergence in Europe of smart cities and data-driven innovation centres, their potential has become indisputable. In particular, the value of data collected by the public sector has gained in relevance and…

In 2025 the volume of data created will be multiplied by 10

Over time, more and more volumes of data are generated and the technique for analyzing and extracting value information from them is also refined. The speed with which this data is generated is also increasing, and this…

Spending on mobile apps will exceed 139 billion in 2021

According to a new report by research firm App Annie, the mobile app market will continue its relentless expansion throughout 2017 and beyond.

By 2021, mobile data traffic will increase sevenfold

Mobile data traffic at both global and Spain will increase seven-fold between 2016 and 2021 according to a Cisco Report, which calls for the exponential increase in mobile users, smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT)…