DevSecOps: a new work philosophy

All organisations, whether large or small, are under constant pressure to increase innovation and accelerate delivery of new products. In order to achieve this, many choose to adopt DevOps to achieve increased…

Kubernetes: revolutionizing the development industry

Kubernetes and Docker are two of the words you hear most in conversations about DevOps today. Docker is a tool that allows you to contain and run applications, and Kubernetes provides a platform to orchestrate or manage…

Open Source software, yes or no?

Open Source is changing the way software is built. From hotel reservations to banking, almost every new application starts with code that anyone can inspect, modify and improve.

Quantum programming languages are necessary

Like early digital computers, quantum computers offer the possibility of technology that is exponentially more powerful than current systems. They can change businesses, entire industries, and the world by solving…

DevOps and Cloud, a perfect union

Now that the cloud has gained ground in the technology industry, the mystery of its popularity has shrunk. Its speed and scalability make this technology an attractive choice for businesses.

VR, AR and MR will revolutionize the health sector

The widespread adoption of technologies including Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are the best option to offer consumers an authentic immersive experience.

PWA or native Apps, who offers the most advantages?

As brands have discovered the most effective way to reach consumers through websites, they have turned the tide of increased loyalty and attention to their mobile phones.

A 55% companies use APIs as a revenue stream

In modern software development, communication between multiple applications is essential to build a robust developed ecosystem and, in turn, a seamless digital experience for customers. Individual platforms based on web…

90% of the companies will adopt the Edge Computing in 2019

With the exponential increase of connected IoT devices, including mobile devices, and the introduction of new types of data, such as the transmission of digital, audio, visual, and 3D image sensor data, there is an…

60% of companies use Cloud Marketing tools

The customer experience is a huge way to drive business results through digital marketing. The 78% of consumers are more likely to be loyal to organizations that understand them and offer them what they are looking……