Mobile and App

Mobile Design

• We work on all marketing projects with the following formats:

   o Responsive

   o Mobile first

   o Mobile Only

• We have a mobile design team

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

• + 60% of searches with a commercial purpose are performed on mobile devices

• Geo-targeted campaigns

• Design and processes optimised for mobile users

• Integration of lead nurturing processes

Sector Apps

• Apps designed by a team, which enable quick availability

• Common sector base and process modules

• Sector-oriented commercial process

• Example: APP for city councils

App Modules For Each Process And Order

• There are processes that are common to different categories of apps, which we can productise and provide

• We offer full custom app development and modules for specific functions

• Every module developed will be marketed

Marketing Campaigns For Apps

• We help our customers to generate downloads of their apps thanks to our experience in download-oriented campaigns