Social Networks

Social Listening

• Active, real-time listening to comments and conversations on social media, forum and blogs

• Identification of trends, demographic groups and categories associated with a brand or sector

Semantic And Sentiment Analysis

• We can analyse comments about any brand or term, identifying positive, negative or neutral sentiments

• We develop rich content that strengthens digital presence vectors, improving exposure, SEO and CRO

Response And Campaigns On Social Media

• We have developed an automatic engine that allows us to simulate a brand or user

• We use rich databases to populate ad campaigns on social media

Social Media Manager And Social Media Wall

• Our social media engine allows us to manage social media at a fraction of the usual cost with a Social Media Manager

• Our Social Media Wall allows brands to enhance their events and presence

Reputation And Digital Identity

• Our social listening tool allows us to identify the sources of positive comments - so that these can be fostered - and of negative comments - so that these can be addressed - in real time and automatically

Social CRM

• We integrate the user/customer of the brand into its life cycle, extending it to social media

Social Media Reports

• Regular sector reports 

• Brand and competition reports on request

• Reputation and identity reports

Social Customer Service

• Full audit of the customer service process on social media and corporate websites

• Analysis of 33 relevant indicators to assess the quality of customer services