Internet of things

With an economic impact of between 4 and 11.1 billion dollars per year from 2025 (equivalent to 11% of the world economy in 2025) and a potential connection between 25 and 50 billion connected devices 2025; the "Internet of Things" (IoT) is undoubtedly the next big challenge of the Information Technology.

We are in the beginning of a revolution that is changing the way people, organizations and businesses interact with the physical world. Any type of industry will be affected.

There are many problems unresolved yet: the devices architecture, their interoperability, management of information generated, analytical exploitation of these data, security, privacy, etc. We are facing a new paradigm of relationship man-machine that will make us evolve.

We can not forget, how organizations will create new forms of business on these new technologies, a complete resource for innovation.

Vector ITC Group aware of these huge challenges, actively involved in standardization of IoT, commercial proposals have already launched with leading companies in the IBEX-35 for pioneering tests in this new space.