Our Expert

  • José Antonio Cegarra

    José Antonio Cegarra

    Project manager

    He is currently an Application Integrator in pre-production and production environments for Santander UK, in the Business Processes unit. José Antonio has extensive professional experience in developing applications and technologies in the banking sector. Over the last 10 years he has worked in leading banks such as SEB in Germany, Sovereign Bank in the USA, Banco Santander UK, GEMoney Bank and Banesto.

  • Jesús García

    Jesús García

    BankSphere Analyst/Programmer

    He joined the Vector ITC Group in 2007 as a programmer in BankSphere technology. In 2011 he was transferred to Germany, working for Banco Santander's Quality Department (ISBAN). He currently works at Vector UK in the Processes department,assisting in the analysis and implementation of projects belonging to the Digital Program, for the contracting and procurement of the different products that Banco Santander UK offers its customers.

  • Ricardo Gutiérrez

    Ricardo Gutiérrez

    Senior Consultant on SAP

    Senior Consultant on SAP at Business Unit of Keyland Solutions

    Superior Industrial Engineer from the University of Valladolid

    Master Executive MBA from the School of Industiral Organization

    Sufficiency Researcher Doctorate in Industrial Engineering from the University of Valladolid: " New Generation of Manufacturing Systems "

    Specialist on SAP production and closely related to other logistic modules.

    Recently, very focused on the industrial sector, particularly in Grupo Antolin, national and international

  • Christopher McMahon

    Christopher McMahon

    Product Manager and Head of Security Services

    Product Manager and Head of Security Services at Vector ITC Group

    Degree in Computer Science , Sheffield University with nearly 20 years of industry experience mostly related to Grupo Santander projects.

    During his career he has assumed roles as developer , architect, team leader and also as a reference person on TIC Security.

    His current role gives an overview of a portfolio of design products, development and implementation of banking applications where an orientation to new technologies, methodologies and paradigms is the key of his success. As the Head of ethical hacking services and auditing, he helps Vector ITC Group to offer a differentiated service to their customers. His latest challenge has been to adapt to the cultural changes associated with the implementation of agilísimo which has gone from being " skeptical suspect " to " convinced believer ."

  • Carlos Rodríguez

    Carlos Rodríguez

    User Experience

    Companies are looking to find efficient ways to differentiate itself from its competitors . In the center of Vector ITC Group service design and user experience, we help them achieve their business incorporating the valuable end-customer perspective. Mobile applications are making great strides to offer a user experience with new techniques and methodology , as augmented reality and quality of the user interface . Vector ITC Group helps to master new skills through innovation and to meet the expectations of customers.

  • Fabrizio Dutra

    Fabrizio Dutra

    Project Manager in the Software Products division and Outsourcing

    Configuration management expert and development methodologies.

    Scrum Master Certificate

    IBM Rational product specialist



  • Patrick Delannoy

    Patrick Delannoy

    Vector Ignite

    In the infrastructures area, we carry out projects and create services that meet the needs of our customers. We design architectures that are adjusted to the demands of a given sector, such as development, for example. We also have our own Cloud solution in which we have developed different services so that our customers can have streamlined and flexible access to the technology. The accumulated experience of the team and its knowledge of the technologies we have available, has made us suppliers of both services and top tier key in hand projects. We never stop thinking about how to constantly adapt ourselves to our customers’ needs and so we always need to keep ourselves up to date in the latest technologies and know-how. We have the support of the most important manufacturers in the data center ecosystem who are constantly at our side on a daily basis.

  • Extended architecture is an integration product that makes it possible to connect multiple applications and platforms with exceedingly high performance in the installations where it has been employed. Altair architecture is one of our Mainframe products, just like the Partenon architecture. Both enable the implementation of core banking and streamline product and financial services development. We also offer the consulting service needed for analyzing, developing, and implementing generic business architecture solutions and applying them to our customers' needs.

  • Ramón Viñas

    Ramón Viñas


    “Sou parte de um time especial na área altamente especializada chamada Banksphere. Nós focamos na criação, envolvimento e manutenção de produtos que cobrem toda a medodologia do ciclo de vida, com o objetivo de prover aos nossos clientes uma plataforma produtiva de desenvolvimento e um ambiente de execução com altos níveis de previsibilidade, flexibilidade, desempenho e segurança.”

  • Pedro García Castello

    Pedro García Castello

    Business Consulting

    At Vector we are developing a platform based on the Palmyra framework, designed for developing applications that meet the internal technological requirements of banking and financial environments. Its main features are: the ability to reuse components and easy integration with different systems, applications that run with RDBMS principles, and JEE application servers. It is also scalable and supports high volumes of data.