Innovation is our source of inspiration

Vector ITC Group believes in innovation as a social and economic progress base, therefore it is the engine of our growth and our business philosophy. Innovation is the ability to activate ideas to create something useful for the unexpected, new, different…

To innovate it is essential to constantly think differently. The challenge is to systematize innovation, turning it into a predictable, repeatable and sustainable process in time, to promote the development of services, solutions and innovative products that help our customers in their digital transformation.

Our main objective is that business and technological innovation, are the distinguishing feature of our group and the fundamental strategy to develop our business and know-how.

We devote more than 4% of revenues in innovation and pioneering work with institutions in innovation: Massachusset Institute of Technology (MIT), Silicon Valley Observatory, Observatory London Fintech or agencies as ICEX or CEDETI.

We promote innovation in all areas, focusing mainly in the financial sector, Fintech universe, represents the new industrial revolution.


"To innovate think differently"