Digital Banking

At Vector ITC Group, we committed to sustainable banking model: simple, safe, dynamic, and fair. A bench that fits the specific needs of new customer and connect with today's society.

The objetive is to make life easier for the user, reducing commissions, reducing the time, and especially simplifying operational. We offer financial institutions an advanced technology platform that allows you to operate your brand in real time.


A range of products and financial services technology, based on innovation, which helps banks in the process of digital transformation and adaptation to new consumer.


AirBank: A new banking experience based on mobility.


  • It linked, integrated and contextualized all user activities (expenses, shopping, social relationships, recreation, etc.) to generate valuable information that facilitates making the right financial decisions

  • An innovative model of customer relationship, where the economic resources available to the user are optimized based on your preferences, lifestyle, goals, etc...


AirTransfer: the user transfers money quickly and safely, reducing shipping times and the associated fees.


  • P2P model international transfers

  • It reduces fees associated with international transfers

  • It reduces time remittances

  • The system is integrated with the reference platform in the world Fintech


AirCurrency: it allows the user to enter or withdraw money from your account through the app or web.


  • Money exchange easier
  • Access to the amount from the time of shipment, no waiting.
  • Selecting the desired currency.


AirWallet: the user performs all payments through smartphone safe and personalized way.


  • Payment by mobile contactless technology
  • Centralization of all credit cards on mobile
  • Maximum security through biometric voice identification technology


AirFinance: access to all products from a single application


  • AirWallet
  • AirBank
  • AirCurrency
  • AirTransfer