Payroll and HR BPO

Generating value to promote talent

BPO solutions for payroll and human resources

The digital transformation is a necessity in all areas of a company. Human resource departments play an increasingly important role in business processes. Talent is a company's biggest asset and focusing it on activities that create value for the company is essential. To achieve this objective, companies must integrate technological solutions that streamline processes and optimise costs.

Currently, 40% of Spanish companies outsource human resource processes. These organisations reduce their costs by between 20% and 25% compared with those that do not employ BPO services.

Contact us at info_outsourcing and we will prepare a business case for you, to show you how much you will save with an SaaS/BPO service tailored to your needs.

What does a payroll or human resource BPO service consist of and what benefits does it bring to companies?

It consists of outsourcing all or part of the human resource activities (payroll management, training, selection…), allowing companies to focus on their core business and invest their time and specialised resources on their key competencies, i.e. those that generate value.

Vector ITC Group's payroll and human resource SaaS/BPO model

At Vector ITC Group we are aware of this trend and of the importance of choosing BPO services for their long-term strategic value. Therefore, we offer a payroll and human resource service through one of the leading payroll BPO/SAAS platforms on the market: Meta4 (we are a preferred partner)

Our Competency Centre works in 3 areas: payroll implementation and maintenance, along with the management of all remuneration policies, payroll management in SaaS format, payroll BPO and full or partial HR BPO.