Face-to-face sales BPO

Outsource your workforce to get results

BPO services for direct sales

At Vector ITC Group we select, recruit, train and manage teams to provide customer/sales services inside our customers' offices.

Our sales teams efficiently manage the customer's entire internal system and service excellence, as well as performing face-to-face selling to people who visit the offices, all to a certain standard of quality and with predefined sales targets.

Our direct sales BPO solutions manage shifts, holidays, refresher training, etc.

We offer another form of outsourcing where we fully manage the customer's offices, subleasing them and making sure that there are the necessary phone lines, equipment and auxiliary services for their full operation.

The service that we provide covers all staff and facilities, so the customer can forget about these aspects. There is a variable cost that is directly linked to the excellence of the customer services and the performance of the sales team.