Applications (AM)

Decentralizing brings service optimization and a 50% cost reduction

Technology as the enabler of the creation of Value for the Business
The model Vector proposes and implements is applicable in different technologies, such as Meta 4, BI, Java, .NET, PHP, Banksphere, and Cobol.
By studying and optimizing the operating processes of the computer and applications outsourcing it is possible to decentralize services with the possibility of offering 24x7 services off site. The cost reduction obtained from optimizing processes makes it possible to redirect the teams providing the services towards the real needs, which in turn reduces the customers' fees. The optimization process reduces the computer and applications outsourcing services to the absolute necessities, which helps to eliminate redundant and unnecessary tasks.
Specific data measuring is necessary to obtain continual optimization. Vector's model captures the data of everything going on in the computer outsourcing service in order to feed the service indicators and notably improve service traceability.
The customer therefore has access to what is going on in the provision of their service and users can track their requests in real time, avoiding the black holes and lack of information.

Differentiating values of our computer and applications outsourcing model:

Service Automation with:

  • Management and processes supported by fully integrated tools.
  • Exploitation of service know-how stored in the tools.

Transparent, collaborative management model in which the customer is a participant and knows at all times the status of their service (maintenance, developments, estimates, requests, service levels, billing, contractual terms).

Increased off-site productivity by using an online strategy based on:

  • Process and tool integration.
  • Drastic reduction in corrective maintenance, 0% corrective maintenance, enabling an increase in evolutionary and preventive maintenance.
  • Production optimization to reduce maintenance, operating and site costs.
  • Taking advantage of related technology and their business application (technological observatory).
  • Search for excellence based on continually exceeding assessments for guaranteeing satisfaction, and which has a direct effect on revenue if it is not accomplished

Improve the service's image through integration with support platforms, training, forums, corporate chat rooms, FAQs and video tutorials.