Availability, streamlining and flexibility

Solid and scalable infrastructure

Infrastructures play a fundamental role within the framework of outsourcing services. Vector builds the service on a base that combines high level solutions in virtualization environments under the premise of streamlining and business continuity.

Service availability is essential for Vector Ignite. We have solid and scalable infrastructure for tackling growth needs. The base is built on a virtualization platform comprised of hardware elements from top tier manufacturers. To complete the solution we have a self-service and automation platform that helps streamline new services or platforms.

Vector Ignite's infrastructure model combines accessibility, robustness and flexibility. To do so we combine the solutions of different manufacturers and build the model required for the outsourcing process. Both the platform and the services are permanently monitored so that service managers know the status of the support services and control systems and can anticipate potential problems. To meet this need, we have drawn up a model with our cloud solution that is capable of managing special machines outside the cloud model.

Our outsourcing model offers several services, some basic, others based on the evolution of solutions. These evolutions comprise:

  • The possibility of available mobility, i.e., having a virtual desktop that can connect from any device.   
  • Backup service for customer workstations that enable carrying out portable computer backup tasks via the Internet in the data center.   
  • MDM solution, mobile device management for offering the possibility of combining the use of private devices in the business world with a management device only for the business part.

Monitoring plays an important role when providing outsourcing services. This requires combining different platforms, specific monitoring of virtual environments and services that run in the environment, and specific monitoring of physical devices. This combination enables full control of the platform's state of health.

Differentiating values of our model:

Service automation with:   

  • Management and processes supported by fully integrated tools.
  • Exploitation of service know-how stored in the tools.

Transparent, collaborative management model in which the customer is a participant and knows at all times the status of their service (maintenance, developments, estimates, requests, service levels, billing, contractual terms).

Increased off site productivity with an online strategy, supported with:

  • Process and tool integration.
  • Drastically reduce corrective maintenance, 0% corrective maintenance, providing increased evolutionary and preventive maintenance.
  • Optimize production, reduce maintenance, operating and site costs.
  • Take advantage of related technologies and their business application (technological observatory).
  • Search for excellence based on continually exceeding assessments for guaranteeing satisfaction, which has a direct impact on revenue if it is not accomplished.

Improve the service's image through integration with support platforms, training, forums, corporate chat rooms, FAQs and video tutorials.