Industry and Services Sector

At Vector we work with the main industrial and logistics companies to add value in efficient integration projects:

  • Improving industrial processes
  • Reducing material and equipment costs
  • Finding, approving, negotiating with and assessing suppliers
  • Managing orders and reducing average inventory levels
  • Managing shifts and monitoring attendance
  • Optimising routes
  • Customer retention.

Vector ITC Group has extensive sector knowledge in the implementation of technology in logistics management, thanks to our team of consultants and technicians, in projects ranging from the implementation of SAP solutions and Navision, supplier portals, PLM tools (product life cycle management) and EDI communications platforms to integrated PLM design tools. We also provide our customers with tools to improve industrial processes, such as solutions for the intelligent automation of shift tables and attendance control, for reducing material and equipment costs, for optimising inventories and implementing Lean Manufacturing methodologies. We provide consulting services for the optimisation of warehouse layouts and simulator training for operators.

Another one of the added values we bring to our customers in the field of industrial process improvement and the implementation of technology in logistics management is our support for obtaining decision-making information: Business Intelligence projects (KPI development and integration), defining Big Data strategies and designing and developing scorecards and reports.


Integration platforms: Integration of logistics platforms, integration of operational solutions, solutions that simplify processes while providing agile decision flows. Companies need EAI solutions.

Industry 4.0: augmented reality, collaborative robotics, lean manufacturing, solutions to streamline restocking, sensor control, IoT.

Predictive maintenance: based on data science and focused on all equipment in the logistics chain. Geared towards achieving greater cost effectiveness.

Operational optimisation: through shift planning solutions, optimisation, attendance control and everything associated with mobility.

Process Improvement (RPA), especially in the services sector.

SaaS: outsourcing of processes (payroll, help desks, etc), infrastructures and IT teams so that you can focus on your core business.