The world of insurance companies is changing due to the emergence of new digital enablers and the interoperability of processes between the ecosystem as a whole and the insurance business.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of connected vehicles are being produced. There are now tools to create value-added services for the current fleet of vehicles and improve the customer value proposition to take your place in the future by using the current sensor systems with the latest software.

IoT + Predictive Analytics

  • Accident prevention.
  • Prevention of breakdowns.
  • Prevention of poor driving.
  • Parental speed and r.p.m. control/transfer of vehicle/fleets.
  • Prevention of alcohol/drug consumption.
  • Monitoring for loss of consciousness behind the wheel.
  • Video/photo and accident traceability.
  • Monitoring of journeys, mileage, stops, consumption.
  • Vehicle availability/autonomy: parking, auto repair shop, emergencies, vehicle replacement.
  • Automatic management of repair shop booking, crane, possible theft (safe areas), etc.

Customer Centricity

At Vector ITC Group we are always communicating with the customer, always interacting with them and always tailoring the message to meet their needs, turning any event into a possible procurement or service provision. The goal is to give them the best service and customised products


q  Front-end business process consulting with the most advanced best industry practices

q  Implementation of new architectures and procurement front offices.

Automation of back office tasks: Reduced bureaucratic workload for your company's employees, increasing the amount of control you have over third parties and facilitating the management and improvement of products and distribution channels

Online sales platforms for categories with complex documentation and low capture rates. (cars, multi-risk, accidents)

Unification of common processes for the different large category groups: cars, general insurance, life, health and burial – interoperability