Public Administration Sector

A more efficient public administration: E-administration

At Vector we have designed a product aimed at transforming and improving the public administration and helping it to gain a foothold in e-governance: 

  • Outsourcing: we are leaders in the outsourcing of services, from start to finish
  • Standardisation:: We promote the use of frameworks, content management tools, CC licenses, open source and the use of cloud computing to optimise investment in e-administration, facilitate maintenance and promote the industrialisation of the ICT value chain.
  • Optimisation: We are the ideal partner for the optimal transformation of application maintenance services. We coordinate the service transformation with the customer, preserving key know-how and reinforcing their teams with specialised technicians from Vector.
  • Quality: We are leaders in implementing software quality processes that facilitate the automation of target processes and improve your ability to generate relevant information for strategic business decision-making.
  • Innovation: At Vector ITC Group we find the balance between maintaining processes that add value now and research, development and innovation for generating new paradigms that will improve the future. We provide Public Administrations with the most relevant information to objectively determine the processes that add the most value and strengthen them; while detecting inefficient processes in order to improve or remove them, as necessary. 


The key areas of the transformation of an administration are:

Improving public services

  • Digital public services
  • Electronic tendering and procurement (European directives, new Public Sector Contract Act (LCSP) and innovative public procurement)
  • Citizen – CRM & Social Media
  • Interoperability (brokerage platforms)

Improving internal efficiency

  • Redesign and standardisation of processes
  • Design and establishment of sourcing of services
  • Digital identity
  • Digitalisation (paperless) and electronic filing
  • RPA
  • Fraud management

Promoting competitiveness

  • Smart tourism destinations
  • Industry 4.0
  • Advice to SMEs and entrepreneurs
  • Development of industrial fabric

Development of employee 2.0

  • New training models
  • Specialised change management and training service
  • New digital training methods
  • Public innovation


  • Open and transparent government
  • Digital presence strategy
  • Accountability
  • Participation models