Multi-channel strategy design: e-commerce platform

Retail is one of the sectors that has experienced the biggest technological revolution. At Vector ITC Group we have extensive expertise in the digitalisation of the retail sector, based on industry trends. Our strong knowledge and development of innovative solutions help our customers to grow in a highly competitive sector.

  • Sectoral capacities in the field of business consulting with specialised resources for critical and support processes (purchasing, production, inbound logistics, distribution, outbound logistics, store management, operations, financing, supply chain optimisation).
  • Defining the business platform and mixed store model and implementing marketplace solutions with the SaaS model. The integrated technological solutions act as omni-channelisation enablers.
  • Projects aimed at improving the purchasing experience: e-commerce consulting, designing routes and customised visits; store queue and traffic management, virtual technology, developing specific apps, designing and developing platforms for multimedia content and connections to social networks, configuration and implementation and rules engines for upselling and cross-selling strategies 
  • Management and supplier integration, implementing purchasing models for improvements at the start of the supply chain through process automation and the use of integrated technological solutions.
  • Expert professionals in specific sector solutions and capacities: optimisation of the supply chain, reference management, shift planning and optimisation, pricing, loss prevention with fraud detection solutions at the point of sale, product traceability from production to sale with automatic mechanisms and inventory control. 


Business Intelligence: to make it possible to manage a company's overall information in all channels and functional areas (Sales, Finance, HR, Customers, Logistics, Promotions)

Predictive Analytics: predictive demand planning, assortment optimisation, predictive silo maintenance, Lean Manufacturing, pricing & customer retention.

Consumer Intelligence: knowing the behaviour of each consumer; predictive customisation of the product range.

Establishing the strategy and using all of the Business Intelligence tools and applications designed to create and manage knowledge through the collection, processing, interlinking and analysis of the information that is generated.

Digital transformation based on new architectural frameworks that enable innovation and improve business decision-making.

Operational optimisation: improving the efficiency of processes (costs and improvement in results) in the areas of logistics/warehouses, stores, distribution to customers and back office processes.

Innovation in the physical POS: virtual reality, shift optimisation solution, paperless, solutions to streamline restocking, business applications on customers' smartphones that allow them to ‘check up’ on the purchasing decisions of their owner.

IT as a Service (ITaaS): the outsourcing of IT management, in real time, to counteract the premature obsolescence of current IT assets so that you can focus on your core business, by changing:

  • The business models and the role of IT in business
  • The product licensing models
  • New architectures (APIs, microservices, etc.)
  • New development processes and tools (Agile, Devop, Dockers, etc.)
  • New organisational and governance models for IT departments