Development suite and multichannel integration

Web adapted applications

Tailored web application development

At Vector we have a complete web application development environment based on the J2EE platform that enables designing, developing, integrating and deploying applications.
The value of this common architecture is the capacity to functionally integrate newly implemented business logic and the logic of existing legacy and heterogeneous systems, as well as the predictable behavior of applications, efficient execution and quality.  With this development and integration suite, application developers can focus on functionality, not on technical details.
The web application development suite is integrated in the Eclipse programming environment. The development of these applications follows a three-tier model that differentiates the presentation, business logic and data model tiers:

  • Relational data modeling tools for different RDBMSs.
  • Tools for logic modeling of the development suite applications
  • Tools for creating presentation and business logic with programming that is mainly visual
  • Tools for creating visual prototypes based on templates and visual components
  • Tools used for building web pages associated with the applications for achieving a greater flexibility, technological independence and productivity.
  • Security: measures implemented for ensuring and providing security services for applications.
  • Runtime: application engines that contain the set of services, connectors and APIs, and also manage the applications server embedded in the platform.