Business Intelligence

At Vector we offer Business Solutions integrated into our customers' systems for providing analysis to convert it into knowledge and to support decision making that affects the business. Designing and installing a Corporate Data Warehouse in the companies we work with has made it possible to catalog historical business information and make it consistent, accessible and exploitable. This information can be managed through reporting, which makes it possible to monitor the goals and detect deviations and trends

At Vector we develop Big Data solutions that greatly increase storage capacity, enable high availability and scalability, and strengthen our customers' processing systems.

We have positioned ourselves as a highly specialized company in Business Intelligence by helping our customers design and implement business intelligence solutions that convert their data into valuable information. Our Business Intelligence solutions make it possible to monitor and control goals, as well as help our customers' decision making process by making use of structured, integrated and reliable information analyses.

Vector offers a wide range of BI services

  • Data Warehouse and Datamart Design. Compiling an organization's historical data and making sure that everyone works with the same business information.
  • Data Integration (ETL). Extracting data from heterogeneous sources and transforming it into a single model for representing the business and loading it into a Data Warehouse. Integrating and loading data between operating systems.
  • Data quality. Implementing data quality processes to ensure information is correct. Applying EIM business information management technologies.
  • Analytical Models. Designing analytical data models (multidimensional, tabulated or mining) that makes it simple and streamlined for users to do an analysis and report the information.
  • Analysis and Reporting. Implementation tools that provide users with studies of historical data, trends and deviations or anomalies, both on the Web and with mobile devices (ipad, iphone and Android).
  • Control panels. Building control panels to monitor the organization's strategy and its goals by displaying key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Operational Intelligence. Building operational BI solutions for when real-time information is needed means a direct connection to the operational data sources has to be made (ERP, CRM, etc.) using BI exploitation tools (reporting, analysis, control panels).
  • Big Data. Building Big Data solutions that provide the system large storage and processing in the cloud.