Efficient document management solutions

At Vector we employ solutions based on document management software throughout its entire life cycle, from receipt of the paper or digital document and its transformation, to its delivery. Prestigious document management solutions for transforming your business processes, increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

Digitalizing, classifying and capturing documents

We analyze our customers' processes to find better technological solutions that can be adapted to their business

  • Capturing and classifying documents with or without a defined format
  • Extracting information
  • Integration with third-party applications (SAP, document managers, etc.)
  • Approval and error control workflows

Saves time and money with mobility tools designed for the on-site technicians, making it possible to send forms, attach data or digital signatures in real time, access corporate information or geopositioning.

Document management
Vector offers the possibility of maintaining control of the information by implementing a document management solution that improves efficiency and can save its customers up to 80% of the time dedicated to searches.

Outgoing documents
Makes it possible to reduce complexity, streamline processes, improve efficiency, carry out marketing campaigns, standardize documentation for all your offices and create business rules for different types of customers.

Digital Certification
Vector offers the possibility of managing the entire signature process on a mobile device with full legal validity.

e-Invoice generates invoice copies that guarantee their authenticity and safe guarding in order to provide search, printing and download functions at any time.