The challenge of banking through your branch and self-service channels is to improve the quality of the service at a reduced cost. The customer must remain the focus of your strategy and the digital transformation should help you to improve and optimise your relationship with customers.

These requirements are leading to more digital bank branches, which need to streamline their current processes:

-    Automating interaction with customers
-    Improving customer service response times
-    Paperless branches
-    Secure identification and validation of customers
-    Increasing the level of customer satisfaction
-    Increasing the depreciation period of financial devices

For this purpose, Vector ITC Group uses its extensive experience in the Santander Group to provide the following solutions:

  • Chip&Pin: Solution for the identification and authentication of customers / Certification of transactions in bank branches, using multimedia devices. Implemented in Santander UK and Santander US

  • Device architecture: Provides the necessary middleware to use financial devices, as it abstracts the application away from the complexity of installing, programming and configuring the devices. Implemented in most of the banks in the Santander Group

  • ATM and Self-Service (ADH): a smart client ATM and self-service solution designed to provide the channel with high customisation, security, functionality and integration capabilities and ease of use for customers.

  • Mobile ATM: Gives the bank a solution that allows it to offer its customers a smart cash withdrawal and deposit service in places where this service does not exist. It resolves a security problem for customers and also generates an additional source of revenue for the bank