Cost efficiency

In the area of digital transformation, there are solutions that allow companies to reduce both financial and operational costs. Industries such as banking - where new players have emerged such as FinTechs, and where there has been a decline in profit margins due to the reduction in the fees charged and negative interest rates - need to optimise their costs to be more productive.

Vector ITC Group is committed to helping our customers improve their businesses. We offer solutions aimed at reducing costs and increasing cost efficiency, providing products, tools and developments that simplify the basic operations and daily running of the company

RPA: Automation of operational tasks performed by people in the back office, using software robots that use emulation techniques. They are also called “virtual workforces” and have been developed by our technology partner Blueprism.

Ellenton: A solution that builds test data by masking real production data or making it non-personalised, thus protecting its integrity. Mostly implemented in banks in Colombia.

Cash4u: A solution that simplifies and reduces the costs associated with cash management: ATMs, stores, cash vaults. Implemented in banks such as the Bank of Bogota, Davivienda, CorpBanca 

Digital signature: This facilitates the process of signing the various documents generated by an organisation which can be signed by internal staff (employees) or third parties (suppliers, customers, partners), using mobile devices. The success stories include Mango and Inditex.