Cash management and control

Cash4u is a solution for the management and control of cash in financial institutions. It ensures the visibility of cash at points such as ATMs and bank branches. With Cash4u you can receive transaction alerts, enabling you to increase productivity.

Cash4u is an application that allows you to control cash machine networks and maintain optimum levels of cash, authorising the daily completion of scheduled transactions and controlling the costs associated with cash management services.

With Cash 4 u, the immediate visibility of the status of a bank's cash points and funds is assured, and it reduces the number of man-hours required to review costs and accounting spreadsheets.


The benefits of this innovative system include:

  • Recording and monitoring of the cash centre's daily transactions

  • Monitoring of ATMs and branches

  • Secure, real-time communication with cash transport companies

  • Automatic generation of accounts

  • Control over the costs associated with cash

  • Savings on stationery and communications, thanks to Web Service connectivity

  • Manage cash processes by integrating us into the core of each business
  • For Vector ITC Group there are no borders, and in the Colombian market this application is also renowned for being an effective and efficient technological solution.