• At Vector ITC Group we strongly believe that innovation is the basis of social and economic progress, which is why it drives our growth and business philosophy. Innovation is the capacity to activate ideas to create something useful out of the unexpected, something new, different...

  • In order to innovate, it is essential to always think outside the box. The challenge lies in systematising innovation, making it a process that is predictable, replicable and sustainable over time, to promote the development of innovative services, solutions and products that assist our customers in their digital transformation.

  • Our main goal is to make innovation in business and technology the differentiating element of our group and the core strategy in the development of our business and know-how.

These are some of the innovative solutions that we offer at Vector ITC Group:

  • Air Wallet: A mobile application that enables payments at POS terminals using HCE technology, through the platform of our partner Sequent. It enables the management of customers' cards and the integration of the added-value services associated with them. This solution allows banks to open up a new channel of communication with their customers and reduce the costs of issuing and managing cards.

  • Air Transfer: A solution to make international transfers instead of the traditional SWIFT system, based on a clearing service between local banks from different countries. We provide this service through the platform of our partner Earthport

  • Autoenrolment: Vector's automatic onboarding or auto-enrolment solution allows customers to register and acquire products on their mobile devices unassisted and in a simple and user-friendly way. It includes processes for: the capture and verification of the validity of identity documents, the capture of biometric patterns (face, voice) and identification of the customer and the capture of digital signatures

  • Finderrss: Solution for the automated or assisted generation of business leads on social networks. The aim is to capture opportunities on the internet, via different channels such as social networks, forums and blogs, to turn them into business leads. Our partner for this solution is Oraquo.

  • AirCargo: A solution based on a new logistics model, based on a cutting-edge technology platform that performs the inter-city last-mile delivery of orders in less than two hours. A geolocation system with real-time information, tailored to the needs of the customer and on a transport platform that is 100% environmentally friendly.

  • VectorTalk: A multi-channel messaging solution based on open source Telegram-based software. It is very quick, efficient and highly secure. It is multi-platform, with the option to only use the engine and be integrated from another application. In terms of its infrastructure, it is a cloud-based scalable solution, i.e. it uses the scalability mechanisms of the cloud, so its elasticity allows it to adapt to demand and use.