The process of onboarding or registering customers in the banking sector has traditionally been done face-to-face. The potential customer would go to a branch and be served by trained staff, who would manage their registration to enable them to acquire a product.

In many cases this is a obstacle because it requires them to travel to the branch. The digital transformation should also reach customers through both a cultural and technological change, to provide solutions for new needs.

Nowadays, with the widespread increase in the use of mobile devices for all kinds of transactions, there is a need to provide bank customers with a solution that allows them to register and acquire banking products on their mobile phones.

Vector's “automatic onboarding” solution is designed to meet this need to register and acquire banking products remotely, making it unnecessary for the bank's staff to provide assistance.

How does it work?

Vector's automatic onboarding solution allows bank customers to register and acquire products on their mobile devices unassisted and in a simple and user-friendly way.

Two essential requirements must be met during registration and when acquiring a product: non-repudiation and the prevention of identity theft. The following processes are included for that purpose:

  • Identification and verification of the customer's identity

  • Capture of biometric information.

  • Document signed with supporting documents.

  • Contract encryption.

  • Advanced Electronic Signature to prevent tampering with the process


  • Unassisted registration of customers, in a way that is agile, reliable and secure

  • Simple and cost-effective solution to a business gap

  • Low-cost state-of-the-art technological solutions

  • Allows products to be acquired on mobile devices

  • Improves the operational process by generating a contract with the customer's biometric information