Capturing leads on social networks, blogs and forums

Finderrss is a tool created by Vector ITC Group for the automated or assisted generation of business leads on social networks, blogs and forums. Finderrss detects any business opportunities that arise on the various internet channels such as social networks, forums and blogs, categorises them and carries out the appropriate marketing activities to turn them into leads. Finderrss is completely geared towards lead generation. The process has three phases:

  • Identify the opportunity

  • Manage the opportunity

  • Exploit the opportunity

With Finders, businesses can:

  • Have real-time information about the behaviour of users towards your brand, your competitors' brands and your sector.

  • Measurement and management of the sentiment surrounding your brand and your competitors' brands.

  • Identification of users and management of their opinions and feelings about your brand.

  • Create sellers and communicators of your brand

  • Find out who is interested in your range of products and services and how to contact them

  • Monitoring of results: lead capture rate, advertising impact