Simple, quick and secure registration of users

We can now perform any banking transaction without leaving our home. This is a huge advantage for users and a major challenge for banks. Therefore, Vector ITC Group has developed a multibiometric pattern management solution that identifies and validates bank customers through a variety of channels, using the most suitable method for each channel and customer.

Vector ITC Group's innovative multibiometric solution consists of four biometric patterns: face, voice, fingerprint and official document recognition. The integration mechanism used will allow any new biometric patterns that may be developed in the future to be added. It should be noted that Vector offers a comprehensive solution that supports the different types of biometrics, but because we implement an open and decoupled architecture, it can be integrated with biometric products and solutions available on the market or developed by customers.

We recommend integrating various biometric patterns, which will be chosen according to criteria such as the access channel (branch, mobile, etc.), with a common interface for all of the customer's applications

Simple, quick and secure registration of users

The tools includes the automatic capture of the customer's identification data, of the biometric voice, face and fingerprint patterns. The process will be completed by integrating the captured information using a multibiometric database.

Our solution makes it possible to eliminate identity theft fraud thanks to a carefully studied process. The information obtained from the customer's data is linked to the captured biometric patterns. During the registration process, the authenticity of the identity document provided is verified and a check is performed to make sure that there is no duplicate pattern in any of the bank's biometric records.

Channel-based customised user verification

Recognition through biometric mechanisms allows the identity of a person to be verified by analysing their face, fingerprints or voice. The verification process consists of authenticating the customer on each of the channels that the bank has active.

The most suitable biometric technology will be used, depending on the channel being used. In a physical bank branch, recognition will be by fingerprints, over the telephone voice recognition will be used, on a mobile telephone it will be facial recognition and on a website facial and/or voice recognition can be used, depending on the characteristics of the customer's computer.

The aim of this integration is to improve security and simplify the relationship with customers on service channels, while at the same time improving other banking processes.

The multibiometric solution is easy to integrate and ensures that your investment is protected by enabling the simple and low-cost incorporation of new biometric solutions. 


The main advantages of this solution include:

  • Reduction in identity theft fraud.

  • Optimisation and speed in the customer registration process.

  • Gives customers access to the bank's various channels.

  • Centralisation of the customers' biometric information.

  • Reduction in the costs of operational processes.

  • Market positioning versus competitors.

BioCube incorporates fingerprint identification

BioCube is software that allows fingerprint biometric technology to be integrated with applications that need to increase and facilitate the access security of its users.

It includes every stage of the identification cycle

Registration (or enrolment), identification of the person based on their fingerprint (1:N), authorisation (1:1) of a credential after cross-checking it with the fingerprint, and maintenance.


BioCube is compatible with all manufacturers of fingerprint scanners that conform to fingerprint technology standards. Contact us if your preferred manufacturer is certified.


The authorisation and identification processes are carried out in the centralised pattern management system. Communication between this system and the PC that captures the fingerprint is implemented through web services, with an SSL connection, and authentication is performed according to the WS-Security OASIS v1.1 standard.


BioCube allows you to configure the quality levels in fingerprint management, to suit your needs. All of the messages from our processes (registration, identification, authorisation and maintenance) are customisable and support multiple languages. If that is not enough, we can adapt the processes to your workflows.


BioCube can be installed on various operating systems, either on the client side or the server side. It also has various connectors so that it can be adapted to the technology of the different applications with which it needs to be integrated.

Other options

Your data can be migrated to another system. Our centralised pattern management system stores the representation of the compressed image in the WSQ format and the template in the ISO 19794-2 format.


One part of BioCube is installed on the device that is physically connected to the scanner and another part is in a server environment, where the “centralised pattern management system” is located (see figure 1).

The client side only requires a Java runtime environment and the installation of BioCube. Each business application will have its respective connector (depending on the technology), and will start the instance of BioQB when it needs to carry out any of the processes associated with biometrics.

The “centralised pattern management system” runs on a J2EE infrastructure and requires an application server and database management system. They can both be shared with our customers' other applications and databases, but we recommend that they are only used for this purpose, as this enables performance tuning that is better suited to your needs. 




The “centralised pattern management system” stores three pieces of data for each fingerprint on the database:

  • The actual image in WSQ format.
  • The representation of the fingerprint in ISO 19794-2 format
  • The representation of the fingerprint in a proprietary format to enable search optimisation.


Client BioCube

  • JVM 1.6 or above.
  • Fingerprint scanner that generates photographs of the fingerprint in the FBI WSQ (Wavelet Scalar Quantization) format and provides NFIQ (NIST Fingerprint Image Quality)

BioCube centralised pattern management system

  • Operating System: Windows, Linux, AIX. As it is a pure Java code, it can be run on any OS that has a JVM.
  • Application server: Websphere, JBoss, Tomcat, WebLogic …
  • Database:DB2, Oracle, MS SQLServer, MySQL
  • JVM: at least version 1.6 is required

Vector ITC Group offers you a team of experts who can go to your premises and help you to implement the multibiometric solution in your applications. We also have our own factory, so you can outsource the entire integration process