Integration of Solutions

Integración de Soluciones

At Vector ITC Group we identify, define and implement integration projects with various business solutions available on the market:

  • Experience in  CRM solution implementation and consulting, to improve customer management and sales forces. We currently have a partnership agreement with Salesforce.

  • API Management to enable the modernisation of traditional architecture systems, enabling service exposure and allowing you to control and monitor services and make them secure. We have extensive experience with the WSO2 product suite

  • We specialise in complete architectures and middleware for the development and implementation of banking cores and applications that run on IBM z/OS. Solutions we have worked on include Altair and the Santander Group's Partenon, in addition to the Avaloq Private Banking solution.

  • We have expertise in the product SISNET360, an insurance core  system for the technical and administrative management of insurance companies. A comprehensive solution, whatever the sector/sectors, types of products sold, channels or structure of the company.

  • Middleware solutions to solve common problems (security, directory, authentications, authorisations, content, events, alerts, etc.) to improve efficiency, the time to market, performance, monitoring and predictability. We manage the Santander Group's middleware

  • Integration, development and implementation of business process platforms or BPMs , to create powerful applications and manage every aspect of the company; easy to adapt, update and check at any time. Experience with various solutions such as Bonitasoft, TIBCO and Oracle.