We are constantly innovating and investing in product development to deliver added value to our customers. We currently have an extensive portfolio of products that use Blockchain technology, which are easy and quick to implement without requiring adhoc development.

V-CERT: Management of courses for training organisations

  • It manages all of the organisation's courses.

  • It manages the students for each course.

  • It enables the generation of certificates for the students.

  • Storage of said certificates in Blockchain, ensuring they cannot be tampered with and ensuring their veracity.

  • It enables certificates to be shared quickly, easily and without the potential for falsification.

V-CHANGE: Management of changes of scope

  • Application to control the scope of projects and project change requests by customers.

  • It enables a proof of change request by the customer, to prevent uncertainty during project invoicing.

  • It ensures optimum monitoring of the change and correct economic monitoring.

  • It requires consensus of acceptance in order to implement the change.

V-TRANSF: Making international transfers

  • It enables international transfers to be made while minimising costs and times.

  • It ensures anonymity.

  • It maintains traceability for proof.

  • It eliminates the risk of falsification.

  • Mobile app.

V-KITTY: Kitty for joint payments

  • It is a joint kitty with money for joint payments.

  • It ensures the signed consensus of everyone involved in the payment.

  • Option of integration for payments in commercial establishments.

V-WALLET: Wallet for micropayments with FIAT currency

  • Intended for online micropayments reducing fees by the maximum amount

  • The user uses FIAT currency (euros, dollars, pounds, etc.).

  • Ease of use

  • Mobile app

V-SEC: Management of insurance goods

  • Intended for certifying insured goods in a home insurance, by transforming each item into a token.

  • This product provides various advantages for the policyholder (it enables a more accurate calculation of their premium) and for the insurer (it enables them to cover payments for goods that are actually registered by the policyholder)

V-LOCK: Holiday property management

  • Intended for the management of holiday property rental processes.

  • Ensures that the person making the booking will be able to access the property.

  • Integration with opening service for properties.

  • Ensures transparency and security.