IT Global Security Strategy

In the last decade, information security has become a vital issue for businesses. Vector ITC Group has more than 12 years' experience and a large team specialised in various technologies, with extensive expertise in security solutions for multiple sectors. . This experience gives us a unique perspective to offer a Security Strategy that is tailored to each of our customers.

Defining a suitable comprehensive digital security strategy with the right products and services has become one of the key factors for protecting yourself against cybercrime and ensuring the security of the end customer and protecting their sensitive information against fraud. 

Companies are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks, which can directly affect the banking business. Security has gone from being a technical issue to having a wider scope, associated with different areas of a business. The trend is to implement preventive security platforms based on the collection and ingestion of data from all systems, databases for storing information for real-time use, to analyse behaviour and monitor alerts.

At Vector ITC Group we offer advanced solutions and products adapted to the latest technologies.

We specialise in: Cyber Security, SDLC Consulting and Security Training, Vulnerability Assessments, Ethical Hacking and Forensic Analyses, Integration and Development of Solutions, Development of Security Architectures. And we have a wide range of products and services to develop a global security strategy.

Our value proposition:

  • Flexibility: customised digital security, by offering a wide range of services and solutions for each type of customer and situation.

  • Innovation: we have a laboratory dedicated to cyber security to provide solutions and services based on the latest trends.

  • Integration: partnerships with leading companies in the sector allow us to offer the best solutions.

  • People: a team of professionals who specialise in digital security.

  • Peace of Mind: integrating our solutions ensures the stable and risk-free development of your business

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