Vector Deep Surveillance

Vector Deep Surveillance offers protection based on information from the network, by collecting all of the information from devices, users and customer networks, and then analysing their behaviour in real time, identifying patterns that might jeopardise an organisation's security. This data is enhanced by including information about threats from multiple sources, making it possible to anticipate the threat and neutralise it. Our solution has an Anti-APT system with expanded intelligence which is installed on the customer's devices with an IDS and a Sniffer to capture information from the customer's network. This allows us to profile the devices in real time by requesting IPS (profiling and posturing), as well as accessing threat repositories (IOCs), and with the necessary technology to process and analyse all of the information collected and act when needed. Vector Deep Surveillance includes security consulting services, where we conduct a thorough investigation to ascertain the maturity level of the customer's infrastructure, so that we can determine the most suitable solution to implement. Then we install and configure all of the probes and the VDS infrastructure, both on the customer's network and our own. When this has been set up, a 24x7 SOC-based service is offered and used to analyse the information being managed and act as required.

Detection of malicious behaviour:

  • Identity Theft, Malware, Infiltration of users and devices and APTs

Data exfiltration detection:

  • Backdoor, Botnets and Shadow IT

Vector Deep Surveillance:

  • Monitoring of software behaviour (AD-EDR), of network traffic (IDS), and access to IPs (NAC).
  • Event correlation:
  • Interprets IOCs.
  • Implementation of remediation policies