Driven by new methodologies and environments that enable a great increase in the speed of development and higher quality products to be obtained.

Agile Teams

Teams responsible for defining, developing, testing and deploying software, with strong technical knowledge and skills and extensive experience in working with agile methodologies.

Agile Methodology

Scrum-based methodologies with short development cycles, integrating the definition of the product's life cycle and quality control throughout the process.

Smart Tools

A smart tool framework designed to meet the needs of development teams: agile project management, task management, software definition, reuse of archetypes and continuous integration.


Agile methodologies; the way we think and develop: Flexible, adaptable, agile, quick.

Lean Principles

Using lean principles in our way of thinking, to simplify, optimise and eliminate inefficiencies in the use of resources.

Reuse Oriented Development

Reuse of architectures, archetypes, templates, components and services

Continuous Integration And Deployment

Short, quick and efficient development cycles, ensuring the quality of the product. Fast-dev style.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance within the development team, at every step of the process.